Express Yourself

I believe we all have a medium for expressing ourselves, whether it’s an instrument, a ketch pad, clay, a mountain a stage, a camera, a kettlebell, written words, or just plain old talking. Fire Starters really got me focused on what I’m good at: hiking, writing, and cooking, But coincidentally writing and cooking are two of the best ways I express myself.

When I thought I’d be leaving my family, words and letters were no match for a hug. In showing people what I was felling and vice versa. Unspoken words carried on through touch. Tab asked me recently to show her to bake some cookies. Even though I told her I wanted to it she insisted she wanted the independence many of us seek. But I love to bake, she didn’t realize that she was taking away some of the joy I get. I also became aware of how much cooking allows me to express myself. The key to good tasting food is passion. I am blissful in the kitchen and that comes across in my food. The end result, the flavor, the textures, the moans resulting from its yumminess, come from the love I feel being in the kitchen. I don’t even have to eat the food, just cooking for someone else probably makes me even happier than preparing a meal for myself. Creating a meal or a dish is like art for me (and I love to sketch too). I can use my imagination. I can be free in the kitchen. I can be an inventor. The happiness and joy, the celebration of being innovative, projects itself to the plate. I rock the stove because I love it. Because I’m good at it. Because I can I can express my joy in it. The passion comes through with each bite.

Think about it. What do you love? How do you best express yourself? Do it! Paint a picture. Write a letter. Bake. Hug. Write a song. Play guitar. Sing. Create a website. Build a community. Create, share yourself with the world. Let passion flood into your life. Be blissful!


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