Setting Fire to Your Life

eb3c43c7b000432d017c0588ca2d14a8Bright Faith: it’s the Holy cow, I’m standing at the beginning of something that is so insanely ripe with potential that I wanna get naked and roll all over it right now while singing rock opera. Bright faith is essential to falling in love- with people, with causes, with your own perfectly perfect self.

Danielle LaPorte is a genius. Buy the book, period, now go get it!  The timing that this book arrived on hold at the library could not have been better. LaPorte’s writing got to me. It sparked the fuel to my passion fire and life path. Recently I decided to go with my own vision. To create my own company. To follow my passion. I feel like this passage, on the cusp riding shot-gun with bright faith. Fire Sessions was powerful. I got real, REAL with myself. I answered questions wholeheartedly. I allowed myself to be 100% vulnerable with myself, authentic. Let’s dig deep. Let’s set fires. Be a trailblazer.

How do you want to feel in life? Answer in this moment, how do you want to feel? Me, I want to feel free. I want to feel enthusiastic and inspiring. I want to feel empowered and passionate. From here what am I good at? Stop wasting time on things I feel I need to do. Focus on what I do best. My top three: hiking, cooking, and writing. I knock out two of these with my food blog and cookbook I am going to publish. I love to cook and serve people. I like to do things for others. I love to cook for parties and friends. I am a culinary creator. Boom let’s focus this energy to the local farmer’s market this summer. Let’s work into a food cart. Into a food truck. Let’s write your book In Dreams Awake. Let’s fuel the muse. What does my muse crave? She begs for a little forest bathing. For some time in nature. Where she can frolic free and unperturbed, her creativity unleashed. Get outside and hike Brittany. Take the time, that is where your creative core lies. Spread some positive vibes. Be authentically awesome to yourself. Stick to your strengths. “A strength is what you do that makes you feel strengthened.” Lastly ask. Ask the universe.

Next up dream. Dreams are wishes the heart make right? What does your heart wish for? My personal dreams unedited and sincere: I dream of burning passion. Of food truck and culinary creations. I dream of sharing. Of building a community. I dream of health. I dream of lots of laughter and constant smiles. I dream of gatherings with friends and families. Of bedtime stories and basketball games with my nephews. I dream of fearless dancing. I dream of books. Of cookbooks, books, and children’s books. I dream of love unknown. I dream of adventure and travel. For moments of awe. For widespread love and joy.

Take your Soul Vitamins. Who makes you feel empowered? Who sparks your creative thought flow? Who can you be completely vulnerable with? Whose got your vibes? Find those people and surround yourself with them. For me, my mom is like vitamin D. She is a solid source of spiritual nutrients. We are a solid team and together nothing is impossible. We build and build each other. Take your vitamins daily.

Give! I personally love to do things for others. A little thoughtfulness, a little compassion, a little consciousness: Just be the Giver. Please. Be the generous one, the mentor, the adviser, the motivator, the donor, the donator, the one who cares. Find a way to make what you do matter for more people, or matter more for one person. Give someone a break. Give someone hope. Make a promise. Keep it. Overdeliver. Open the door of opportunity; open your wallet. Open your heart, take out the love, and hand it to someone.

What are you/we waiting for? You and I both have what it takes to be fire starters right now inside of us. Light your fire! Grab the book, get real and burn. Last line from Fire Starters:


                The soul fire way

                Ablaze with passion.

                Passion that can’t be faked.

                Passion that the world cannot deny.


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