Lifetime Student

When we choose to become students of life who learn and grow from our experiences, everything does in fact, happen for a reason.

This gem comes from You Can Create an Exceptional Life by Louise Hayworth and Cheryl Richardson. I could be a life time student. I think curiosity is a beautiful thing to have and share. But from this quote I get what I got from Pema Chodron. Live it up. Life is an experiment. It is one experience, one moment after the other. Some are great, others are not as thrilling, but they are about who we are and the lessons that we learn. I tell mom sometimes I feel like they try to help me too much, sometimes I need to fall or falter occasionally because that is when I learn the most. The events that have seemed to be the most tragic, have brought the greatest lessons. How can I appreciate the greatness if I’ve never known difficulty? Life for the moment and learn from each experience whether you perceive it as bad or good. Learn and more on though, don’t continue to let it control you. Be curious. Be studious. Learn and grow.



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