Making Life a Little More Awesome

I just read The Book of Awesome. Such a simple concept, yet the rewards are endless. By shifting our thoughts from how our lives suck, we instead think about how life is awesome. We shift to being grateful for the little things. We live in and love the moment. The wonderful thing is that everyone’s list is different. We all can create our own list of awesome. The list itself is awesome. Here are some of the things I find awesome in life:

  •    Driving to an unknown destination: just getting in the car and going. The push from your ego to control and always know what’s coming. But instead you chose to be completely present. You just take off, completely free to be and go wherever you want. To  turn or take whatever turnoff your intuition wants. To see things as they’re unfolding, rather than living in the future picture of where you have to be.
  • Great Friends: people there no matter what. People whom you can be vulnerable with. Who have seen you in all your glory and your darkest days. Whom you can be authentic with. Who make you laugh. Whose presence instantly brightens your day. Who are always there, no questions asked. Whom you can just be with, chattering or silent.
  • A hot drink after sledding. At 25 I think I enjoy sledding more now than I did when I was younger. An opportunity to play and be present. Nothing warms you back up and is cozier or more soul-warming than a nice hot drink after a sledding adventure with the family.
  •   Finishing a book series: You’ve read hundreds of pages and fully submerged yourself into the characters life. You’ve felt pain, happiness, sadness. You’ve taken the journey and at the end you feel complete and whole. You’ve completed the journey. You’re somewhat nostalgic for leaving it behind, but you’re content with the outcome.
  •    Movie Quotes: I am a huge Will Ferrell fan (Old School is my favorite). My friends and I love to throw a movie quote or a song into any conversation. It instantly lightens the mood and makes us laugh. But movie quotes don’t have to be just an inside joke, they can unit us with complete strangers. They can initiate conversations and relationships.
  • Meditating: Taking a pause to breathe and connect. To relax and get in the gap between your thoughts.
  • Seeing a deer: I am a hunter. Spending hours in a tree stand in all types of weather, the feeling when you finally see a deer is awesome and shoots your heart rate up.
  • Taking pictures
  • Running barefoot: wiggling out your toes and gripping into the fresh green grass.
  • Cooking a complete family meal.
  • Making something from scratch.
  • Dancing and I mean really dancing like lose your mind crazy
  •  A cold ice tea on a hot day.
  • Getting a letter in the mail
  • Old songs from your childhood on the radio
  • Lazy rainy days inside when you have nothing to do but relax.
  •  Complete and refreshing night of sleep.
  • Hiking: nothing makes me feel more alive than hiking.
  • The feeling at the end of an exercise
  • Compliments: both giving and receiving
  • Being vulnerable
  • Farmers Markets
  • Kettlebells
  • Euchre
  • Opening the windows during a storm

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