No Time for BS

Man I felt like I was soaring on my hike yesterday. I’d given up being mad a long time ago, time is too precious to spend it in anger and life is too precious to have moments of angst rather than love. Yesterday, though, it struck me that I don’t have time to worry. Our physical experience really is temporary. A small blip on the human map. This time in my body is so small. Why waste it?

Time is too precious to spend it worrying or thinking about problems. There are only experiences, I want to make the most of this one experience. I want to live it up and love this life because I don’t know when it will end and I don’t know where it is going. I don’t know what is beyond this physical experience, but I do know that one day it will end. I don’t have time for bullshit.

Lately in meditation I have been experiencing this complete peace when I’ll sit back in my spirit. I get to the center of my core, this bright light shining in the mist. This is my true self. So I spend my meditation space hanging out with myself. I observe my thoughts and ego in action. It’s crazy from this position I can really see the craftiness of the ego trying to keep me safe. Injecting fear, anxiousness, doubt, jealousy, comparison and discontent when I’m just starting to get that rush or when I take my foot off the brake a little, it rushes in to regain control. But now I sit back in watch objectively.

I decide to create loving, peaceful thoughts instead. Life is too short and temporary for BS and worry. I’m going to spend my time in the light!

Think thoughts that make you feel good, make choices that make you feel good, and take actions that make you feel good. ~Cheryl Richardson


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