I Am Happy

I am happy. Lately I found myself buzzing with this current of just utter happiness. Why I am so happy? Does this always need to be a reason? Do we always have to define our happiness and relationships? I merely just am.

Gabrielle Bernstein’s books say to ‘become the happiest person you know.’ Can I just first how rad I think the word become is. Eliciting the thought of just being, while also giving a sense of potential. I admit sometimes my ego tries to take this happiness away. It tells me it won’t last. You that I don’t deserve it. It tells me to look at my bank account, what about that is happy. It wants to point out what is missing from my life. It says to compare myself. Or I hear the voices from the past telling me not to be happy. You shouldn’t be happy all the time. People don’t want to hear about how happy you are.

I am not listening. I am happy because I chose to be. The world needs more happy people. Stop looking for a reason to justify your emotions. Stop searching for a reason to be happy. Just be freaking happy!


2 thoughts on “I Am Happy

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