Always in Awe

obviously prettyI’ve gotten really good at seeing beauty in my everyday surroundings, in the ordinary. Something I realized however is we often take for granted the ‘obviously’ pretty. It just is, so we forget to acknowledge it.

Spring is here and it is gorgeous. With a new camera in hand I admit I was reluctant to shoot the blossoming flowers. They were obviously pretty and I’ve always liked weird and different. I wanted to capture unique and I wanted to snap moments. I was doing what I said above. I was taking for granted that Spring always comes once a year, that these colorful flowers will always bloom. They’ve been there every for 25 years.

Let’s change this perspective. Look at the miracles of this flowers, how the seasons change and once a year the flowers miraculously blossom. And they are beautiful. They’re there waiting on me to be in awe. Don’t just be in awe and bewilderment of ordinary, be in awe of the beautiful. Don’t take it for granted. Appreciate this flower. Stop and stare. Breathe it in. Snap a picture. Smile. What if this was your last Spring, what if this was the last time you saw this flower?

Flowers have taught me to appreciate all aspects of life and not take anything for granted. Be in awe at all times.


One thought on “Always in Awe

  1. You are awe-inspiring! I love it! There have been many times the past year and a half that I have mentioned to others, “You do not have a button to push to make the trees bud out. I do not have a button to start the flowers blooming. No one decides. Spring does not happen the same date/time from year to year. It is always shifting, yet it always happens. As Dr. Dyer says in Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, ‘nothing is done, yet nothing goes undone.’ This is the beauty of our world. This is opening our eyes to the fact we are living in Heaven on Earth.” Like you, I live my life in awe and joy.

    Thank you, Brittany, for your complementary insights. Hugs!

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