BeComing Miraculous

What does it mean to be a miraculous person? Yesterday I was centering on experiencing my own miracles moments, but  today my thoughts shifted, what if I BeCame a miraculous person? We have the potential to be miracles ourselves!

What does that mean, though? To me a miraculous person isn’t to be perfect. To be miraculous is to create an energy which comes from a loving space. To spend more time in the light. Whose moments of love outnumbers the time spent in fear based thoughts. Someone who has busted through the blockages. Someone who literally radiates. Someone who is happy.

By creating miracles moments, we become miracles. We can then share miracles with the world. Spreading more love and good. In a time where we think of the potential anger and violence in the world, it is important to have miracle workers. Even greater is that we all have this potential.

So take those miracle breaks and time to meditate. Focus on the love and suffocate the fear. Be a miracle movement.


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