Get in the Gap

I have been a meditating fiend lately and I recently finished Dr Dyer’s Getting in the Gap. But what is the gap? What does it mean to me? What should it mean to you?

The gap are those moments in between. The silence between your constant banter of thoughts. Dyer says: Listen with Silence. Note that rearranging the letters in both words will result in the other world. In our non-stop world and our non-stop thinking we seldom spend time in silence, in the gap. But the gap is where it’s at . Its where we reconnect. Connect to our source to a higher power, to God, call it what you will but we get in sync and become one in the gap. That is where all our creative energy is stored, waiting for us to connect and unleash it. It’s where manifesting happens. Where we can set out our intentions and attract into our lives all we desires. The gap is where the magic happens. Where the miracles are.

We all have access to the gap. We own the gap. I own the gap. You own the gap. We ALL own the gap (don’t forget the sun doesn’t shine brighter for some but not others). So take the time. Meditate! There is no such thing as a bad meditations, nor a wrong time to meditate, nor a designated time to mediate, there is no correct posture. It is constantly there inside us, waiting for us to slip into it.

Feel the silence. Get in that gap, because it really is magical. Just think music wouldn’t be music without the pauses and silences in between. Same with the silence between our thoughts. Get in there!


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