I have been wanting to write a post with this girl for sometime now. Today is her birthday. Her name is Angelica (hence the angel title she frequently likes to point out how her name contains it) and she is my cousin. But this technical bond isn’t why she means so much to me. I’ve wanted to write about her because she inspires me. Just like my brother, there is something about Angelica that lights up my heart. She just makes me smile being around her (I find it literally impossible to frown in her presence). Like my brother, she seems so pure. She is effervescent and just screams of life and vitality. A beaming, shining, happy young girl.

It is refreshing to be around someone so full of life. It’s contagious. When I’m around her I too feel bubblier. A little more pep in my step. She one of those ones (my friend Chelsey is like this for me too), who I am in creative sync with. Our imaginations can just take off in an instance. Just looking at the way she dresses, she got spunk and personality. But really it’s when you look at her face. She radiates joy. Fridays are the days she comes to visit and I can just sit and watch her on her computer fueling her One Direction love, just giddy with excitement.

She is a miracle (more on miracles coming this week), and she is just turning 19 today! She is so full of potential and I love her so much. Everyone has a lesson to teach us and she makes me want to be happier. She makes me feel alive, right alongside her. She is awesome! Love you girl, happy birthday.


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