Putting a Stop to Suffering

I think sometimes we feel like life is to suffer. Something that is inherited. Something we accept as part of the human experience. As a result we are afraid of joy and potential happiness. When we do actually feel these things we are terrified that we’ll lose them. Soon the suffering will return. We feel entitled to a life of suffering rather than a life of happiness. How ass-backwards does this seem?

To feel life energy first we have to realize it’s fine to not be okay. Honesty: I Brittany am sometimes not okay. There I said it, step one. Second step is to realize this can/is/will change.

You know that you are suffering, because it will manifest in the form of fears. How do these fears feel? We’re anxious, jealous, guarded, and insecure. We have to think of how we treat our psyche.

If you mistreat an animal it will become afraid. Same thing with the mind. We have to stop abusing our minds. The problem is that we’ve given the mind a crazy impossible to task. To be okay. To have everyone like us. To not make ripples. The mind incessantly tells us what to wear, what to say, where to go, what to do. It works to change everything around us on the outside, so we don’t have to fix what’s going on in the inside. What if instead we lived life rather than always trying to fix what is wrong inside. How liberating would that be?

How do we do this? Stop! Yep we tell it to stop. Just like someone quitting smoking, you can take all the pills and patches, but ultimately you only quit when you stop bringing the cigarette up to your mouth. So we must stop telling our minds to fix everything.

Fire your mind and let go of your inner problems instead.



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