Removing Thorns

Is a spiritual journey or growth easy? I think initially know, but we are digging down. Down past our memes and condition. Down to our fears. Down to our hearts. Often time it is uncomfortable. I love Michael Singer’s analogy of a thorn. What if we thought of our problems or fears like thorns. Do we pull them and free ourselves or do we try to not agitate the thorn?

If we decide to keep the thorn, we are set with the task of protecting. Just like when we accumulate more stuff, we have to spend more time taking care of it. We don’t want to let anything aggregate the thorn because it will cause pain. Overtime it can began to take over your life. Your thorn and fears begin to run your life. They are in control, not you. Worse as you try to protect it, the thorn manifests into more problems. More thorns. They limit your life.

What do we do then? Do you avoid feelings or remove the damn thing? Do you let it stop being in control?

You go deep into inside to the root of yourself. Go deeper than the surface drama and bullshit. Really get in there. In to where your heart is open. To where your energy surges and flows. Being conscious and aware of the thorns decide you are going to stop letting the weakest part of you run your life. Quit avoiding the feelings and potential hurt, the uncomfortableness. When a thorn pops up, acknowledge it. Say hello and let it pass rather than succumb to one of your conditioned habits of dealing with the problem (eating, drinking, whatever. Stay conscious). Let it pass through rather than shoving it back down inside you. Free yourself.

You don’t have to get rid of your fears, just decide not to participate in them! Stop always protecting yourself, and just be the beautiful flower.


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