Busting through Your Blockages

Let your blockages become the fuel for your journey.

Damn, this is some powerful thought right here. Watching Gabby tv (Gabrielle Bernstein, check her out), I’ve been introduced to some meditations for breaking down blocks. But this beauty up above came to me from Michael Singer and The Untethered Soul.  Evolving spiritually means busting through blockages.

We have the choice: build the block higher or take them down. But how, do we begin to free ourselves from the weight of the walls?

  • ·         Acknowledge. Be aware that something inside you needs to be released
  • ·         Sit atop the seat of awareness. Watch it come in.
  • ·         Let it pass. Now that you see it. Let it go
  • ·         Let it go early. When the first block comes, dispel it right away. The more blocks the harder it will be and the more work it will take to bust through

Yesterday’s post, I was experiencing   a blockage with my dad. I was hanging on letting the wall build. I was in the danger zone of passing on my own blocks to someone else, to my Dad. I am sorry for potentially spreading my own blocks. Writing is often a way for me to release energy. To let go. After I have the thoughts out and see them, then I can move on. But letting someone else be a block puts us both in danger. Today I am of the block of my father. Today I let it go. It is passed. Today I am committed to releasing the blocks. Today I open myself up internally and release the blocked energy. I use the blocks to strengthen me rather than weaken me.

Ascend. Once you start climbing, don’t look down. Keep looking up. Bust through the blocks. Let them fuel your journey. Live a flow driven life.


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