Letting Memes Die

My father has returned, and thus has some old memes. My problem is that my heart wants to initially close to protect itself. Because of my own thoughts, feelings, and perceptions (which I create and therefore can change). I love the man unconditionally, even though he’s a nut, but my beef is I let myself feel like he is judging me, judging others. I don’t want to participate. I voice, “I am not going to talk to you about mom.” Changing the world or making it better is not about changing other people. Not telling them they’re failing. Or lecturing them on life. Instead of focusing on what we see, change the way you look at people. Don’t look at someone and think: they’re fat. They’re inside is terminal. Think what a beautiful flower. Really feel compassion and love for that person. Dig deep, inside to their Self. Love that self. Not the one you initially see. Push through. Stop focusing on what you don’t like. What the other person should change. They have to want to change. What if they love themselves?

We have a powerful energy within ourselves, do we want to wield it judging others. There is no life handbook. You can’t tell someone this is the right way to live their life. You’re not their god. They have to find their own god. You can’t play martyr, self-righteous, selfless. It is something you see in action, not something you talk about. Compassion is seeing beauty in the ordinary. In letting people be. In loving their inner light. Not what you see needs to be changed. Telling someone what is wrong with them is not going to make someone better. It will just make them be more like how you want them to be and not themselves. Don’t have a thought. Don’t have a judgement. Leave your opinions of others at the door and see them. Truly see them. Embrace this version. Embrace the light. Life is a great unknown. We don’t know what’s coming next. We don’t know how long we’ll be here. We don’t know when we’ll die. All we can do is our best. To be present here and now. Full of love, compassion and happiness. This is going to be different for everyone. Happiness varies for each individuals. What makes you happy is not going to make your neighbor happy. Let them be happy. Stop running interference. Be your best and others will respond to that energy. Don’t put someone down so you can build them back up once they’ve changed. Stop controlling. Let their light shine. Don’t dim it, build it. Radiate. Let others be whole, instead of judging them as half full. Fill them up.

I need to see my inner light. I need to let it shine. I can choose not to let my perceived thoughts of my father change my energy or me. I need to believe in and love myself. I am in charge of how I react. Stop taking things personally. Stop judging what he says. And I need to do the same to him. Do you see the hypocrisy? Even though I don’t want to acknowledge, it’s there, the thoughts are there. I am not letting him be because I’m judging what I’m perceiving. I’m making assumptions. I am not forgiving right away. A blurp in my spiritual journey. But now, I commit. I commit to letting them go. Brittany stop feeling like he’s trying to change you or others. Only you control these feelings and you are feeding them like crazy. Stop giving it attention. Stop the memes. Stop the fear of being judged. Let him be. Love him and stop judging what he says. Listen and grow. You can do it. Open your heart. Forgive. Free yourself. Let GO!

I love you. You are whole. Shine through.



One thought on “Letting Memes Die

  1. Loved these words of inspiration. Especially that last paragraph. It totally speaks to a situation I was recently dealing with. “Friends” wanting to change me and I them. It’s not worth it. Free ourselves and live. Thank you my dear.

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