Free Yourself

Stop Right There!

Being centered means letting go. Otherwise we in a constant state of chasing (and that is tiring). We’re following whatever shines and temporarily catches our eye. We see the newest phone and it immediately ensnares our attention. Until….until the newest I pad comes along and we’re chasing it down. Scattered. You brain is a puzzle struggling to piece itself back together. You flit. You lack focus. Relationships, jobs, commitments are all over the place.

You don’t have to tag along with any of these thoughts. You can chill out, grab a seat and some popcorn and watch the show of thoughts pass by. You can chose to stay centered. Don’t let the negative wanting feelings piggy-back you into guilt and anxiousness.

Release yourself. Stay true to your Self. Be a watcher. Watch inside and outside energies coming in, and passing away.

The more attention you give a thought the more it grows. The more it becomes the center of your life. Do you want to stuff yourself with drama, jealousy, greed, or anger? Or do you want to rule and be monarch over your energy? Let it pass. Only you can keep inner freedom away from yourself. Only you can give inner freedom to yourself.

Instead of getting into being bothered you get free. Free Yourself!



One thought on “Free Yourself

  1. I need to focus so much on this aspect of happiness. With the birth of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap chat…….. and all social media we are inundated with what others have that we do not. We as a society have become incredibly materialistic and I find myself too often falling into that trap. I have to learn to appreciate what is right in front of me and what I do have instead of what I don’t have or what someone else has.

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