More ~ing Please

This is my ~ing activity for 30 Days. Recently I finished Gabrielle Bernstein’s Book Add More ~ing to Your Life. Each morning  I set out on my beautiful bike here. Immersed in the peddling. Letting go, I slip into my ~ing Zone. I enter into my high electro magnetic vibration. I am calm. I am centered. Creativity flows easily. Inspiration is ready at hand. I am magnetized.

I follow up my activity with a meditation and then I write (hence all my blogs lately, plus I’ve given myself a 30 Day blog challenge as well). I can’t tell you how much more creative and uplifted I feel. Completely free.

What ~ing would you do? Hiking? Jumping? Running? The options are endless. Grab one and go! Commit and change your life, change your thoughts. Balance baby!



3 thoughts on “More ~ing Please

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