Embracing Your Inner Weirdo

This is one of my favorite picture of me. Why? Because I’m being silly. Because I’m with my friends. Because I’m having fun. Because in this moment I am full of life.

I can be a weird, I know it. My own best friend told me I’m weird. People can tell right away I’m different. Does this bother me? No, not if I think of what weird means to me. I think I am set apart as weird because: I am curious , I love everyone, I talk about living passionately, I create my own job rather than living a ‘should’ life, I tell people how I feel, I love to compliment.

What is exciting about being like everybody else. Being weird never gets boring. I am a unique person, why live it conventionally. Weird are the differences. Weird is beautiful.

Honestly I get a lot of people telling me they love to follow my Facebook and such. Being a weirdo is a fascination. Being yourself intrigues people. Weird explains what baffles us. What we’re not used to.

I say be weird. Be true to yourself.



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