A To-Do List for Positive Flow

005I used to fill my to-do lists with endless tasks that I believed would make me better, or which would lead me to my crazy version of perfection. Really it was making me any better. I was really just placing more stress and expectations on myself. But I am a recovering perfectionist. This practice didn’t allow for self-love or self-growth. It built up shame. It didn’t help the inner me at all. I was just checking things off I a list. It didn’t allow me to be present. To love the now. I was living in fast-forward in the future. Where I thought happiness was, out there somewhere. Somewhere out there after one of these boxes was a radical life. Happiness was inside me all along. A radical life is me. I was suppressing it in my quest for perfection.

Now I set my daily intention. Intentions for a life well-lived. An extraordinary life, filled with love and appreciation. I fill the slots with intention that really can make me better. That can fill me with happiness. That allow for creativity. That allow my passion to flow. That allow me to center. That open up my heart and mind.

This is my updated To-Do List to initiate positive flow in my life. What is on your to-do list?


One thought on “A To-Do List for Positive Flow

  1. Great insights into to-do lists, Brittany.

    On my daily list: The Overall Theme is Happiness
    Theme Areas of Happiness: Love, Health, Gratitude, Wealth & Abundance, Creative & Meaningful Work, Fun & Laughter with Family/Friends, and All-Expenses Paid Travel

    When we shift the FOCUS from the specific THINGS we want in our life (more money, ideal partner, better job, etc.) to instead HOW we want to FEEL, and give gratitude for what we DO have, then we open/allow and begin receiving the THINGS. Therefore, each morning I visualize in front of my “Creation Album” & “Creation Posters” for 5 minutes to get into the FEELING place and then ask myself, “What steps may I take today toward my intentional life?” Being connected to Spirit, living in the now, and being aware of the answer/s to the question that arise throughout the day leads to DANCING with dreams and CREATING Heaven on Earth!

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