What Success Means to Me

This week as I’ve dug deep and committed to creating the vision book of my dreams, I had to ask myself: what is success to me? What does a well-lived for life look like? As I began to focus on what is important to me, I realize how much this definition has changed. The book is an idea of what I see for my life, something to manifest while I live in the moment. Along the way there will be trials and different trails and I will fall down (I hope to, that’s when I learn the most). But what matters on this journey is my mindset.

What success means to me:

Living passionately. Loving all the people surrounding me. Living without judgement. Forgiving in a moment rather than being hostile. To let go. To hug, laugh, smile, and radiate positive energy. Be thankful for the those surrounding me. Loving what I do. Live my purpose full of passion, in an environment that let’s me be creative and stay inspired. Staying true to who I am and my vision. Letting my passion benefit and serve others.

To see the world, in the sense of seeing constantly with new eyes. To see beauty in everyone. To find beauty in the ordinary of everyday. To look upon life as a gorgeous vision that I get to participate in daily.

Live with an open heart. Stop closing myself off when memes come my way. Let my heart and mind be open as life moves forward.

Live simply. More stuff and attachments weigh you down. Cut more strings to the attachments and live lightly. Appreciate the nature and all it gives. Give away more than I keep. Own as little as possible.

Be conscious. Take each moment and stride and truly feel it.

Be healthy. Health to me means to never be sick, to nourish my body with food, to exercise without pushing my body into too much stress, to sleep soundly, and stay centered.

Really a simple life full of love is the main goal of my vision boards. Money, flashy cars, the newest gadget, a big house, and notoriety are lacking on my priority list. Give me a life truly lived and appreciated and I will be happy. Believe in myself and enjoy the journey!


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