All Things I Don’t Tell my Sister Enough

All the things I would want my sister to know but I don’t say them enough or because I’m afraid I’ll overwhelm her with my emotions.

I love you. I always have, even though it took me 24 years to say it freely. For it to sink in how much I value you. How much our growth has meant to me. How I love being able to talk to you about anything now. How the thought of separating from you in August, when I felt I’d only recently found you, made me more emotionally than any other good-bye. How I treasure growing from bickering kids, into maturing adults.

I’ve always looked up to you. I did what you did. I played the sports you played, I wanted to be as good as you. You were my big sister and I could only ever have been proud. I am the luckiest little sister.

I embrace any moment I get to spend with you and the family. Whether it’s just chatting or sitting in silence watching Pride and Prejudice, time I have learned is the most priced gift I could receive.

You work so hard. You and Todd, your dedication to family inspires me. Your creativity. Whether it’s just getting dressed, decorating or sewing scarves. Making our own traditions has meant the world to me. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this last Thanksgiving with you. Working side-by-side to cook a delicious meal for the family. Huddling around the oven trying to figure out if our first ever turkey was done or not. To slice it open, to absolute perfection. Waking up to shop. These memories mean more to me than money or gifts ever could. I am so thankful for the upbringing we had and the richness of family instilled in us.

Thinking of you and the boys, makes me never want to leave. You are undeniably beautiful, but you are compassionate which tugs at my heart even more.

I love you now and more every day.



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