Your Mountain is Waiting

I love to climb mountains. It just fills me life, exuberance, purpose, gratitude and awe. Climbing life’s proverbial mountain is the same. Step by step, the courses I take throughout each new day takes me higher. Closer to the top. Closer to myself. To my highest self. Closer to love. Closer to passion. Climber makes me better.

Today, just like each day, we must climb towards that higher life. Towards our dreams. Towards a life better than we could ever image.

Start today. Climb higher. Keep treading up your mountain, what are you waiting for?!



One thought on “Your Mountain is Waiting

  1. I often use climbing mountains for conquering my fears and such. I can’t actually climb them anymore but the analogy is still my thought process for overcoming things. I didn’t start hiking till my 30’s on a regular basis and I will never forget when I reached the top(only small mountain but glorious just the same) I did it to see of course the beauty of what is in my backyard and to prove my physical issues would not interfere with life. OMG! I so understand now! I did that mountain 5 or 6 times and to this day I can picture and feel and smell the reality of being on top of it! Thank you for expressing this and sharing!

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