Who am I?

Who Am I?

This may seem like an easy question, where we can spout out an array of adjectives to define just who we are. I am Brittany. I am twenty-five. I am a writer. I am a cook. I am a trainer. I am in Indiana. I am…I am…I am…. The list can drag on-and-on. We can constantly add and subtract. The list is always changing.

But is this who we truly are? If I take away my name, do I cease to exist? If I take away the cooking am I gone? In a year’s time will I be 25? No age changes nothing. Location changes and the space I occupy changes. Plus 10 pounds, minus 10 pounds, am I different? Passions, desires and thoughts change.

When we pull back from the description of ourselves, we are still there. Physical features change, landscapes change. We are still in there. We are not only what you see. The people surrounding you are more than the titles and judgments you assign them.

Who am I?

I am here, as I have always been. I am who I am. No name, age, location, or physical appearance can change that. Consciousness, I can be any of these things, any moment I can change. But when I step back they are not who I am. This can separate me from the problems of life, knowing that I am always there.

Who are you?


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