Forging Ahead: Be Curious

A little confrontation and REAL conversation can sometimes lead to growth. A little discomfort can actually make a relationship stronger. Connections have been on my mind the last month. After a little chat with my mom, she told me that I am good at connecting with people. That she is closer to me than anyone else. That she can be open with me, in times when she wants to hide from others. She can bullshit with the best of them, but forging relationships on a deeper level is scary. Being true to yourself. Being vulnerable. Letting people see you as you are. Being naked can be terrifying, but at the same time remarkable.

My search into connection made me value the push for depth. I’m not afraid to be myself. I’m not afraid to be honest. I’m not afraid to ask. To be curious. I’m not afraid to love others. I am not afraid to be open. I open my heart and mind to all.

I am not going to stop forging these connections or asking tough questions. That is my choice. Not everyone may want to think about what challenges them or think deep. Or think about themselves or life or their dreams. But I won’t stop or give up. I will continue to love and live without judgement.

It’s funny though, I find most of the time, it is a relief to get thoughts out in the open. It’s a relief to share. To connect. To be welcomed with empathy. To be loved. Instead of finding resistance I find love reflected back like a mirror. Remember how the world looks on the outside is a reflection of your inside world.

Keep forging, be curious, and sink deeper.


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