Surrounded by Possibilites

Om Bhavam Namah
I am absolute existence. I am a field of all possibilities.

Today I woke up to a bonus meditation and a bonus mantra. This is is! Imagine how it would be to live life feeling and believing this? To think that you are a machine for possibility. Imagine who you could be. Imagine what you could do. Imagine how others would feel around you. What if instead of focusing on our our potential limitations, we saw the world and ourselves as full of possibilities. Possible geniuses, artists, writer, actors, lovers. How rich would the world be if we believed in our (and others) full potential? What could we accomplish is we let ourselves become our highest selves. If we followed our dreams and lived our intentions?

What if we radiated this to others? What if we empowered them with this feeling like we have? Focusing on the positives. Taking time to center and connect with ourselves. If we sought balance. If we reached for peace rather than striking up a fight. If we threw out forgiveness rather than spiteful words. If we came a gentle loving hug rather not hiding from an uncomfortable conversation. If we gave out compliments and warm smiles, rather than judgement.

These are simple things we can change. It doesn’t take much effort, although it does take some reflection and change of attitude. But if we do what it says above, if we allow ourselves to tap into being a field of possibilities, then the world becomes full of opportunities. I’ve heard that positive thoughts and energy can light up a city.

Do you want to light up the world or cast it into darkness?



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