Who enjoys being around bitchy, winy, mopey, cynical, life sucks attitudes? Not I, give me someone bright. Give me magnetic. Give me honest. Give me real. Give me smiley and laughing. Give me someone who is in the moment. Who believes in themselves and the world. Who sees beauty. Who sees themselves in others. Someone who doesn’t judge. Who let’s things be. Give me optimism that the next moment can be a sunnier potential.

Is life always rainbows? No, but we always have a choice to how we decide to act. The world is a reflection of what’s inside us. If our insides are dark and confused. Enter in chaos. When I was six our family was in a major car accident. My brother and I were actually life lined to Indianapolis and I spent two weeks in the hospital with a pin through my leg. It can be tempted into woe is me, but I learned at six that things happen for a reason (thanks mom, I will never forget that moment). We can feel sorry for ourselves, or we can look for the bright side. We can see the potential. We can learn a lesson. We can grow. We can continue to strive to be better each day and moment. We leap out of the rut and cyclone created by cynical thoughts.

Project to the world how you want it to be. Infuse it with positive energy. Affirm it, be thankful, and let yourself be radiant. Reach higher and live intentionally.

BE AN OPTIMIST and take others along for the ride with you!



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