Put Some Passion in It

It still baffles me sometimes how things pop into my life so in sync with my thought flow. Articles or quotes appear on my networking site with a subject I’ve just posted or am pondering about. My cousin wrote about chakras last week, when I’ve recently read a book last month with the same topic and did some of my own research for a future Body Change post. Like attracts like, is something popping up all over the place recently (in Gabrielle Bernstein, in The Secret), so I guess it makes sense.

This morning it hit me. I have a great cookbook (I always have though, it’s never been far from my mind, but lately it is blatantly clear) and a book inside. I don’t know all the details, but I know it’s there. When I sit down to start, it will just flow (like Dr Dyer when he talks about writing through his source). Recently I have paid special attention to directing my thoughts towards my purpose. So when I sit down to meditate what is the centering thought? PASSION. Oprah says passion is the power of focusing on what excites us. It’s our calling. When we step in rhythm with the cosmos. It’s dharma.

Passion lights you up. It makes you excited. We are all born with unique talents and unique ways of expressing them. It is up if we take hold and utilize these talents.  To believe in and follow our purpose. Is this easy? I think not, how many people let artistic talents fade aside in the pursuit of security. In living how they’re supposed to. Living up to some ideal of success. Rather than defining success for themselves. Do other people have similar passions? Look at how many artist there are? There are thousands of cookbooks out there, loads of competition. But there is no other Brittany. No one else expresses themselves the same way that I would. No other cookbook will or food truck will be just like mine. My purpose is unique to me. Something for me to create. A community for me to create. An environment for me to mold. An energy I have to bring. When I think of those books resting inside me, it excites me.

Meditate, reflect and connect to your passion.  But more than that go after your passion, don’t let it die inside of you. Share it. Start small. Mine starts with a list of recipes. With a book outline and typewriter.

Step in rhythm with the cosmos.


3 thoughts on “Put Some Passion in It

  1. Thanks so much for checking out Operation Live and for linking to my post!! This post is awesome and it totally has me thinking about writing my own book, something I’ve been trying to start for years. LOVE the quote you mentioned from Oprah- “Passion is the power of focusing on what excites us. It’s our calling.” Beautiful.

  2. Love it!
    You inspired me earlier this week. I discovered something deeper in me on Thursday….I am “The Creating Queen.” I am creating my life. I am creating the lives of others as it pertains to them with my coaching and visioning products. I am creating an atmosphere of accomplishment with everyone I meet. I am creating forward!
    Thank you, Brittany. Keep on enjoying your journey and stay blissful. 😉

  3. Thanks Sarah I really enjoyed reading yours and I think its important to share and create a community of inspired people! Beth I love the Creating Queen (I may use this to inspire a future post myself)! And you’re so right, you’re out there creating a positive community. It just shows how much change one person can make, keep it up!

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