Infinite Moments

SAMSUNGI have been trying for over a year to get my hands on The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I did watch the movie to suffice in the meantime, but this week it finally came in on hold. I am still forging my way through, but I had to stop at the tunnel. The epic moment in the truck when Sam (Emma Watson) stands up in the back as they drive through the tunnel, while Patrick an Charlie enjoys themselves blissfully. The infamous tunnel song. In the book it says Landslide, which to me means Fleetwood Mac, which made the moment even grander. Growing up my mother was a Fleetwood Mac fanatic and Landslide was the song she sang to Amanda, Clifford and me. Now she sings it to Gavin and Trenton and soon she’ll sing it to the new movies. What is so special about the tunnel scene? Let’s have Charlie explain:

And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.

A moment where all the components make it special. Where the song fits perfectly (because when you listen to it over again it doesn’t have the same effect). Where the people, the place, the energy and atmosphere make it epic. Make it special, spanning for all time.

It has done nothing but snow the last couple of days, coating the Indiana countryside with white as far as the eye can see. After a morning  full of work I was ready for snow. For a moment. Mom, Dane and I took off into the snow. With a sled and boogey board in tow we were ready. A small hill beside my uncles. A single layer of clothes. Snow perfect for making snowballs. Let’s go! How about we stand up on the boogey board? Wipe outs, bruises, laughs, snow-covered clothes, runs down the hill which you have to smile for, self-confidant squeals of joy and terror, fist pumping pride as you hoist your sled triumphantly in the air after you’ve ‘conquered’ the hill, and a warm drink afterwards to reheat your soul and invigorate, and we’ve had that moment. Spreading out across time. Stuck in a laugh, in joy, in a smile, in a song, on a snow-covered hill.  Stretching on.

Any moment can be an infinite moment, but we must participate in life to experience them.




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