Quantum Moment

fc58c53750f114ce08aa4d88634f7f84Ever had a quantum moment. I have had subtle quantum moments and one really radical moment. But I sometimes let them slip. Faint moments leading me towards one big awakening. What in the hell am I babbling about? An instance in life when things seem to sort themselves out and your path seems a little clearer (although it may take several turns and a long time to get there or there may be detours blocking a direct path). A crossroads if you will.

I vividly remember a hike I had in October to Green Mountain Falls. It was one of the first snows on Pikes Peak and as I was climbing up the road to Pikes Peak Highway, I had one of my clearest mindsets ever. My life and purpose shone so brightly. I love working with my family and what I do, but my true calling lies in a slightly different directions. Every time I’ve read a book on purpose or intention, though it has been there. I remember writing it two summers ago, before my first trip to Colorado, in the back of Dr. Dyers The Power of Intention. It was there when I wrote a post for my cousin Jacki and included in my bio my ultimate dream to have a bakery bus. While hiking I felt connected to my direction. I have fallen in love with blogging and sharing. But really I am blissful when baking or cooking healthy foods for others. Being creative in the kitchen, thinking of cute, imaginative ways to present the food and package it. How I always enjoyed planning cooking class and serving. How I love to inject little bits of sunshine and to be bubbly How I enjoy bringing family and friends together for a soulful gathering. How much love, passion and confidence I have when I am creating. I want to be (I am) a food blogger. A cookbook author. A food bus owner. Driving around to markets in an eclectic VW bus. With good healthy food, a smile, and positive vibrations.

Now I admit when I was first struck with this I was so ready to come down and tell my dad. But when I got to the bottom of mountain, so faded my clarity. I began to doubt. How could I tell my dad that I see myself going on a new path on my own? It’s like when I decided to move into my shed, making the choice was easy, telling Tabitha was hard (because it’s uncomfortable to share your dreams and desires sometimes. Because we’re afraid of criticism or that someone will not support our decision). But three weeks ago on Monday I woke up again, with an unbelievable clarity that I could not deny. Immediately I had to share with my mom before I could change my mind. Next I had to tell my dad that I want something of my own. My own unique purpose. Something that I have 100% creative freedom over.

Fast forward to three weeks later. I have the most radical parents. I am so grateful that they let me be myself. That they let me dream. If I want to take off across the country by myself they’d tell me go for it (and they have). They responded right away with, ‘I think that’s great’. ‘What is the next step, what is your step, what do you need us to help with?’ Although mom said she has been waiting for me to realize this. ‘If there is anything you need, we’ll be there’. ‘I think that’s great’. Considering I was kind of afraid to tell them, the worry was not worth it. All they want is for me to be happy. Hell dad called me after an email yesterday to tell me he thinks I would be great with my own cooking show. We’re making moves to let it happen. I’ll still finish what I said I’d do (my commitment) and I’ll take my year-long journey in Colorado (there are a lot of VW buses out there…hmm). I’ll work and help my parents with anything they ask. We’ll be a great unit of individuals with our own unique passions, supporting each other (Dad the weight loss coach, mom the kettlebell trainer, me the cook).

So I’m doing it. I’m heading towards my life and I know it’s there. It unfolds beautifully before me. But I have to keep the thought. I just finished Add more ~ing by Gabrielle Bernstein and she talks about quantum moments. You have to know and not wish. I’m not wishing for this future. I know it is my future. I know I can do it. I know I can rock it! How many times have people told me drop the kettlebell training and start a bakery before I act? I must shift my statements.

I Brittany am a food blogger. A photographer. An author. A food truck owner. I am a cook. I am a baker.

Now I have to be patient. Keep working towards the goal, but realize it won’t be here all at once. All in good time. Enjoy the moment and keep moving forward, don’t live in fast forward or in tomorrow. Keep faith and go for your dreams. Be vulnerable. When the nay-Sayers tell you, you can’t do it or that it won’t last in this location or this economy, keep faith. Believe in yourself. In your niche. In your purpose. Live your dreams fearlessly and enjoy the moment. Love what you do. Let others in on your dreams too because they’re likely to show up and support you! Share and hold yourself accountable. Don’t doubt your destiny (especially when it keeps reappearing). Don’t run or talk yourself out of the quantum moment, embrace it wholeheartedly!


4 thoughts on “Quantum Moment

  1. I am so happy for you and very proud you are stepping into your fear and are following your heart’s desire. Every time something keeps coming into our path and we let our mind push it aside, we are allowing fear (failure to experience actual reality) to rule versus the Divine and Higher Self. I have learned that when I am inspired to do something and my mind starts to talk me out of it….I ask myself, “Will I regret this later?” If my answer is yes, then I KNOW I must step forward and follow my heart. The same applies in reverse too. If my intuition is telling me I should stop, what I am about to do isn’t good for me and isn’t helpful toward achieving my purpose (e.g. drinking in excess, eating unhealthy foods, not exercising) and then my mind tries to tell me, “No, go ahead. One time won’t hurt.” Again, if I ask if I will regret the decision and I say “YES!”, then I KNOW I am to listen to my Higher Self.

    As you allude, you will be provided for along the way. People will show up to support you and cheer you on. When focused on HAPPINESS and feeling good, all will flow along for you. When you hit a negative, go deep within to discover why. Then begin to ask yourself, “What will make me feel better?” or “What is a better feeling thought?” Before long, you will be back in the flow and on your path.

    I still am AMAZED and LOVE the fact we are both learning, growing, and sharing our insights at the same time, albeit you are 20 years younger. ;D The better it gets, the better it gets! Peace and love to you!!

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