Be Powerful

Driving yesterday I felt this amazing rush of energy coursing through me. An unbelievable natural high, coming from me. What i realized is the power each of us hold. Empowerment was the word of my journey. I felt like a lightening rod of positivity. My dad is on a Secret kick and I think the biggest thing Ive pulled away is to have a positive mindset. Do not doubt whenever joy comes into your life or think you don’t deserve. Be electric.

Think how the potential you and I have! Think of the people who light up a room. Or someone who instantly puts you at ease or lifts your spirit. We can control of energy. We can smile more. We can laugh more. We can be present more. We can be magnetic. We can portray the elicit IT.  We can be a serene force. I personally feel I have a calming energy because I tend to be laid back. We can be a motivation. We can feel good about ourselves. We can fill others with positive thoughts so they too feel good.

Start with a smile. Tell someone they look nice. Tell them they did a radical job. Tel them you appreciate them. Tell them you love them. Give them a hug. Give them a wink. Give them your undivided attention. Allow them to special. Like what they say and feel is relevant. That they are important. Put away the phone. Stop wondering what’s going on and focus on what’s in front of you. Look into their, you cn communicate exponentially with just your eyes. Put a spark or dazzle their when someone is talking to you. Be a light.

Believe. Believe in yourself and others. Be unselfish. Stay positive.Be better. You and I have the ability to empower. Embrace the high, appreciate the joy and spread it around! Change your day, change someone else’s day with a positive thought.


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