Vulnerability: uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. -Brene Brown

Are we afraid to take risk and try new things Is it easier to just keep our mouths shut, than to reach out and share? Share our ideas, our stories, our experiences, our art, our creativity, our dreams, our passion, our ideas. Hell yes, we are as Brown says, Emotionally Exposed! We yearn for connection, leaving our safety net and taking risk, makes us fear disconnection. But what is life without vulnerability? Can we form truly awesome, deep, loving lives? Love is a big risk. Tearing down walls, letting someone else in, risking getting hurt, physically and emotionally letting someone else see us for who we are. Is it risky as Brown says to, ‘sink into joyful moments of our lives even though the world tells us not to be too happy lest we invite disaster?’ Is it risky to say no, to try something new, to admit you’re afraid, to be an eagle, to eat in public (personal one, recovery binge eater). What is life without a little risk? We so often associate being vulnerable as a weakness, but is it? Does being yourself make you weak?

When I first started blogging, I was scared. I was afraid to put my name on Body Change posts, for a long time I let people believe my Dad was writing because he was the head of the company. I was afraid to put my personality and thoughts into posts. I was afraid of criticism. Putting yourself on the web and on the line, you are sure to come across critics. Often hitting below the belt, targeting your biggest insecurities. Then you question yourself, your ability. You question and think towards the amount of likes or comments, living up to what your perceived intentions should be, rather than following your heart. These things scared me. On this site it took me time to explore my darker side and thoughts. To address my weak moments and insecurities. To be honest with myself.  What does hitting publish or being vulnerable feel like?

  • falling
  • sweaty
  • frantic heart beat
  • lump in the throat
  • alive
  • crying
  • fear
  • panic, anxiety followed by freedom
  • pride
  • amazement
  • infinitely terrifying
  • letting Go

Yes being vulnerable is like being naked. Sharing yourself, letting everyone see you leaves you feeling emotional and physical exposed. It’s terrifying and rewarding all at the same time. For me I usually feel panic and unsure. Initially questioning myself. It feels like I’m doing something wrong. But not conforming and staying true to my thoughts and feelings, in the end is exhilarating. Because I’m being my truest self. Because I’m taking risk. It is not weak to be vulnerable, it is incredibly courageous. There is nothing wrong with a little nudity!


5 thoughts on “NAKED

  1. Hi, Brittany.

    Your picture choice for this post is awesome! Looks like you are digging deep again. I hope all is well. Would love to have you visit me in Michigan sometime. Being here would be a welcome break from the quiet. I have discovered being quiet and alone too much is a detriment to dancing life. 😉 We humans do our best when we are living in balance.

    Picture This–Dancing with Your Heart’s Desire! Beth Hutchison Consultant and Life Coach My Thought-Provoking Blog:

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