Before I Fall

I love to read and I admit I enjoy YA series and novels (even though I love an inspirational/motivational book- I’m pumped to have gotten my hands on The Untethered Soul- I like to mix it up). Much like movies, I’m easy to please when it comes to books. To fall into another story, to live another life, To experience someone else’s thoughts and emotions. To live all over the world.  To be able to see from someone else’s viewpoint other than my own. It lets me to relate to actually people more and sympathize. But really in most books (besides living the experience), they make me think. This beginning tangent leads to my newest YA conquest Before I Fall. Sam dies. First page, cover of the books, she’s dead. The entire book then tracks Sam reliving her last days for a week.

Of course there are all kinds of lessons I could relate, like what you leave behind, how you want to be remembered, what you’d do differently how you would treat people but when I finished with a steady stream of tears running down my face what stuck me was: what’s important today? Not what if this is my last day what I do, which I thought would help. But then we tend to think of what I haven’t I done and long for to stray from the normalcy we’ve had. For thrill seeking adventure. We don’t need to go jumping out of planes, living hard and fast. It has the potential to give perspective. When I think about what’s important in life, rather than wishing or dwelling on what I don’t have, it’s completely different. Being home yesterday playing cooties with my nephews, watching Angelica dance around to One Direction, riding in the car with my mom, laughing our asses off to Big Bang with my Grandma Dreher and mom, airing up a tire with my brother, just sitting and talking with Chelsey, crazy phone calls with Tabitha, taking a walk with Steve and Mary, having Lulu curl up to me in the cheer pawing and begging for attention, being in the kitchen whipping up a culinary creation, curled up with a book, walking outside- no matter the location. It doesn’t make me feel like I’m missing something or I need to do something crazy. It’s not mundane or boring or routine. It’s my life. It makes me grateful. If fulfills me. It’s like seeing things fresh and new. Troubles are morphed, because worrying about bills isn’t going to pay them. In life what is important is (for me at least) to simple do my best. To love others and the time I have right now.  It’s not about pleasing everyone or being who I should be, but enjoying and being myself with the time I do have and the people I’m with.

So when I wake this morning I ask myself: what is important in life, today? A hug to my mom and Grandma, admiring the soft white snow drifting down around me on the sun porch walking into the gym to see our clients. Enthusiasm and appreciation coursing through me.

So what would you think before you fall?


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