Music Memories

Music from the '70's, '80's, & '90'sYesterday for Body Change I wrote about music and health and today I put together a workout playlist. What excited me most was again the potential power of music (I’m really into this potential business lately, viewing things as if they have a wonderful potential to be great). For me music is a great way to connect. My friends and I frequently communicate in songs. Having a certain song pop up on the radio can elicit a stream of memories. I’m transported back to a fun time with my friends, an adventure, even a sad song helping me cope and feel my emotions, vacations, hanging out with my family. It brings me joy. Makes me feel alive. Makes me feel powerful. It energizes me. It makes me feel light. It calms and soothes. It is an escape (much like reading). Back in college when we had three girls living on top of each other in a one bedroom apartment, anytime we needed a break: from adulthood, from boys, from studying, from body image struggles, we would dance. And the kitchen was the spot to dance. Crank up the music, turn off the lights and just let the beat take over. Sometimes at work I’d do the same thing. The stretches of hours when I maned the desk between classes, the only person in the building, I’d blast the radio when a song came on that I liked and just go. Granted sometimes I got caught, but I didn’t care. I was in the moment. Loving it. So as I began putting together my workout playlist I thought what songs would I put on my life playlist because your iPod can show all about yourself without you having to say anything. For me, mine shows my eclectic/eccentric/bendable way. Growing up I had influences all over the place. Dad and Cliff rocking out to classic rock and roll. Mom singing along to country. Amanda listening to the modern hits on the radio. So join me in my trip down musical memory lane and ask what your life playlist would look like (its fun!).

Lights: Journey. Journey is probably my favorite band and as long as I can remember this song has always been my favorite.

Sweet Emotion: Aerosmith. My parents both are long time Aerosmith fans, having seen them in concert in the 70’s. I remember being in our little gym in the garage growing up. Cliff and I would hang out there and crank up some Aerosmith, with a myriad of great songs to choose from, Sweet Emotions was always the one that stuck the most.

Landslide: Fleetwood Mac. Growing up my mother was an avid Fleetwood Mac fan and we love to joke with my Aunt Gina who was subjected to listening to Rumors on repeat for the entire summer of 1978. Landslide was her favorite song to sing to us growing up and now I listen in as she sings it to my nephews.

Staying Alive: BeeGees. Saturday Night Fever seemed to be our only cd option to listen to when my Dreher cousin and I would gather. We had Staying Alive on repeat and I can’t help but smile when I think about Jenna and I dancing around the guest room thinking we were so cool.

Waterfalls: TLC. Don’t ask me why but I distinctly remember that in kindergarten this was my favorite song. I remember swaying around in a Fayette class room, singing the entire song in my head.

Raise the Roof: Luke. Another cousin memory, this time with the Paulin clan. I don’t why certain memories stick out in my head but I can replay a memory of our family vacation to Destin, Florida where my cousins escaped from parents and one of the songs we got animated with was Raise the Roof (hand raising and all).

The Hardest Thing: 98 degrees. I am a child of the 90’s and boy band pandemonium. 98 degrees was my favorite boy band. Yep not Backstreet Boys or N’Sync. They had the most muscle and my favorite sound.

Too Close: Next. No banter here, just know that I liked this song for the longest time.

Butterfly: Mariah Carey. I was always a huge Mariah fan. I never really got CDs, but I remembered my elation in 5th grade when I got her newest CD.

Jack and Diane: John Mellencamp. Like I said this was my dad’s kind of music and I am an Indiana girl. How can you be Hoosier and not adore Johnny Cougar!

Been Around the World: Puff Daddy. Yes I like Diddy long before all his name changes. I remember sneaking my sister Puff Daddy CD when she was in high school and keeping this song on repeat.

Smells Like Teenage Spirit: Nirvana. Another one of my favorite bands!

Don’t Tell Mama I’ve Been Drinking: Gary Allan. One year my grandma Dreher purchased Gary Allan’s cd for Smoke Rings in the Dark. I took pleasure in sitting back and watching my cousin Angelica belt out all the songs. The one that really got to me though, was Don’t Tell Mama I’ve Been Drinking. I’ve discussed before my grandpa’s alcoholism. Today if I hear this song I think of me and the flurry of thoughts that come with him. Many of which are good thoughts. He taught me so much and he probably doesn’t realize it.

Dust in the Wind: Kansas. Old School is my kind of movie and I frequently tell people I’m related to Will Ferrell (his wife’s maiden name is Paulin, you never know). My friend Ashlee and I joked that whenever one us passes the other is to sing Dust in the Wind just like Will does at Blue’s funeral. Not to mention, Kansas is one of my Grandma Dreher’s favorite bands.

Don’t Blink: Kenny Chesney. Both my parents and my brother-in-law tend to put Kenny on repeat. I have so many memories with them from vacations to the beach to nights drinking at the house to games of ladder golf, where Kenny is like a soundtrack for the summer.

I Don’t Need a Man: Pussy Cat Dolls: this song was almost like therapy around our apartment anytime there was boy problems and break ups. Like it could disillusions my friends into thinking they were good on their own and single is the way to be (it never really worked). Plus one radical night out a guy stopped us, “Our you guys performing tonight?” Huh!?! “Aren’t you the Pussy Cat Dolls?” Ah wonder if that pick up line ever works for him?

Let Me See Your Hips Swing: Savage. Oh there are a memory of nights I don’t remember with song. It may as well be the theme song of my drinking days and nights out dancing at the Bally with my best friends.

Let Me Be Myself: 3 Doors Down. This is a great band and they had me hooked with just the title alone and dominated my first ring tones.

Under Pressure: Queen is another one of my all-time favorite bands and this song just makes me light up when I hear it. While Tab was dating a 6’9 baseball player with a pension for old rock, she’d come home singing these songs. So now I associate this song with her because she was so pumped when she discovered it.

Tiny Dancer: Elton John. Speaking of that 6’9 baseball player, one exceptionally epic night out we ended up crashing at the baseball townhouse. When Tab couldn’t find Chris in the middle of the night she came upstairs to find him kneeling over me (passed out) serenading me with this song. Hand motions and all. Needless to say I like to joke that I possess the power to bring 6’9 baseball players to their knees to serenade me.

I Kissed a Girl: Katy Perry. Tab and I’s first trip together was Spring Break when we were 21 to Gulf Shores, Alabama with Rachel and Thomas. We made fast friends with a group from St. Louis. In the midst of chatting up our new acquaintances I look up to find Tab singing karaoke with a group of guys (complete stranger). This was the song and the guys it turned out were from West Terre Haute and went to West Vigo like us. Small world!

Poker Face: Lady Gaga. Our first and only time thus far singing karaoke together was Poker Face. Wednesdays were karaoke night at the Bally and after several trips and a dare we finally go the nerve to participate. Andrew Burk did the picking and we did a coy job singing, completely fooling everyone into thinking us outspoken girls were shy.

It’s All Coming Back to Me Now: Celine Dion. I think she is a sensational vocalist and my friends know me so well because they got me her greatest hits for Christmas (hence this picture). My favorite memory with this song, though, was in Yosemite. My first day hiking the first person I passed was a young man hanging out the side of his jeep. This song was blaring and he was singing at the top of his lungs. It was absolutely fabulous.

Always a Love Song: Eli Young Band. My first time to Colorado this song was on repeat in my iPod. I remember belting it out as I climbed my way up my first mountain. Anytime I hear it now I am instantly taken to Pikes Peak.

Feelin’ Way too Damn Good: Nickelback. Nickelback was my first non-country concert and what a glorious experience it was. Outdoors full of electric energy!

Lover to Lover: Florence and the Machine. This is my newer obsession that dominates my current playlist.

Let it Be: In August I got hooked on The Beatles and the love affair has been going strong ever since. After reading John Lennon’s biography I had to listen to them.


I know there are so many more songs I could’ve put, but this is a great start. Taking it to the next level would be discovering the songs that speak to me and who I am. What does your memory playlist sound like?



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