We’re All Mad

<3Sometimes I get a little caught up in my own little distresses, worries, and thoughts, but then there are instances when I realize we all have our own little moments and issues. We all have shadows. However we all want the same things. We all want happiness. Peace. Love. Meaning. We’re striving to be better. To live our dreams. We want to believe in life’s potential. But sometimes we struggle. Struggle with our thoughts (which we take out on others, because anytime I cop an attitude with someone else it’s because something is going on with ME. It is a reflection of what’s going on with me and not the other person). We struggle with addictions. We struggle to always believe and be upbeat. We’re all a little mad. And we want to fit in.

Watching t.v. sometimes or having conversations makes me realize that appearances aren’t everything. A happy positive psychiatrist or a sorority girl at a prestigious school with the world in front of her seem like they have it all. Why then would they end their lives? You never know what is truly going on internally with someone. Hearing stories of doctors, with wealth to spare, dealing with serious drug addictions and so on, or celebrities dealing with eating disorders, depression, sex addiction, drug addiction, alcoholism, cheating and affairs. Watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower. We idealize others life so often, but in our romanticizing we forget we all have shadows. That we’re all mad. We don’t need to compare. We are one. We all want the same things. We have the same path. We’re born, we live, we die (for me I personally believe our soul are then infinite). Sure the journeys, purpose and stories are all unique, but the underlying yearnings are the same.

In light of realizing the madness of the world, I ask myself: what does this teach me, what can I learn? I need to treat everyone how I want to be treated: with love, compassion, and kindness. Unconditional acceptance. Look for the good. Accept them. Accept them for who they are. The greatest gift I think I’ve given my friends is to show and tell them that I love them for them. Then there is no pretension or trying to be someone else. We’re honest. We’re open. It’s effortless.

Focus. Focus on being the best me. My true, highest self. Strive to be in balance. Recognize my shadows, but don’t be controlled by them.

Be your best self. Accept all and their madness!


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