Positive Attraction

Pinned ImageDo you ever feel like something bigger than yourself is leading you? Guiding you towards what you need in life?

I do sometimes and yesterday was one of these times. These chances/opportunities usually when I’m open and aware. Yesterday I was strolling through the library giddy with my finds, ready to check out, when I pause at the inspirational aisle. I already have a handful of great books and some motivating books at home, but something urges me to stop and look. My gut if you will generously seeking to help me out. Rather than question, because then fears, memes and excuses can come into play I duck into the row. The first book I look at is Dying to Be Me. A book I had read about in Dr. Dyer, I eagerly grab it excited, heart racing at the potential (that is what I love about books and the library. Sometimes rather than hiking or baking, I go to the library or book store to realign my thoughts. To get creative and motivated. Just like I wrote about love last week: it is the potential that sets me into a blissful mindset. The possibility of knowledge gain, of inspiration, of a great tale to lose yourself in, another life to live if only for a moment). I step to the next row of towering books and the first book to catch my eye is a thin light blue bound book: Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. I’d seen his first interview on OWN in August and my father has been on a waiting list for two months to get it (the library there has ten copies too!) and here it is right in front of me.

Needless to say I walk away completely filled with joy. Joy of the wonderful finds, but also for following my intuition. By letting it guide. To attract the positive things I need into my life. To represent abundance. Be open and aware and always go with the gut!


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