surrenderToday as I hit the mat and lay in my first savasana, willing myself to just release, it hits me: surrender. Surrender to the mat. To my practice. To the experience. Fall into the vastness. I saw a tattoo the other day (not a good sign as it may appear in the distant future upon my own skin) that said: Lightness of being. Perfect. Surrender. Be. Let the light shine inside out. Let go. Let it Be like the great Beatles said (what can I say I’ve been on a Beatles kick the last few months).

Let go of judgment.

Let go of thoughts

Let go of the ego

Let go of who I think I need/should be

Let go of my surroundings.

Let go of life. Of the hectic thoughts of where I’m supposed to be.

Let go of thinking about my to-do list.

Let go of worries.

Be in the present.

Flow. Flow on the mat. Let thoughts come and flow and go.

Surrender to this moment. Breathe. This movement, this very instance, my body, the pose are perfect. I am light.

Surrender and let go.


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