Fueling Creativity

Kettlebells rule.80% of Creativity is learned or acquired

Wow as a passionately imaginative spirit, I was a little taken back with this. I’ve always felt like I’ve been blessed with the gift of creativity, hell most of the time I have to reign it in. But I guess when I truly think about it, I’ve practiced and been encouraged to be this. I’ve been raised in an atmosphere prime for growth. As the family baby and last child, by the time I came along my parents were less hands on. I embraced and ran with the free time. Time to explore, create, play and imagine. Willing myself to become a storyteller. An inventor. An artist. A creator. A innate ability to draw, I loved to make magic with my hands. Leave me alone and I could entertain myself for days. Creativity can be initiated anywhere. In the ordinary. In every day. Every moment, we harness the ability to change and create. Create ourselves. Whatever. Our only limitations being our own imaginations and fears.

Today as I enter the gym and stand there. Empty, just me, a colorful variety of kettlebells and fast pumping music. The gym is mine. Free to push my muscles. To test my heart rate. The movements come from my imagination. Thirty minutes later, sweating with my heart rate pulsating and a blissful feeling of accomplishment. I’ve done it! I’ve created a kick ass routine. I’ve had fun. And I’ve created movements I’ve never done before.

I have to remind myself of this: any moment is an opportunity to create. Sometimes I longingly think back to Colorado, stuck there and denying myself some of the clarity I had there. What does Colorado represent to you? A question asked by my mother. Instantaneous answer: freedom. Why? Because it is a completely blank canvas. Free to make new art. To create a new life. To be a new Brittany. To be my true self. I can do that right here though: REMINDER TO SELF. Happiness and creativity are not outside of me and the present moment. Let everyday be a blank slate and create a masterpiece, just like the gym. Never overlook an opportunity to engage your imagination and take it a step further into action: create, create, create.

Life is a blank canvas, an empty notebook page, a typewriter with a blank sheet, a stage, a guitar, an empty room, a waiting ocean full of waves, an empty dance floor, an open trail. Waiting. Waiting with baited breath for you. For me. To imagine. To create.

Feed and acquire your creative soul!this is the life!



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