Ask Questions

Tab and I trying some ‘yoga’ from my pinterest

When Tab got back from Colorado she was hooked on yoga. I know this because she bought a book, not only a little book, but a huge one. Tab will adamantly admit to anyone that she loathes reading. One afternoon I grab it. As I’m turning the pages I stop at a small grouping of questions on the lower right hand corner of a page. They don’t look significant. There is no neon sign proclaiming, ‘look at me!’ Yet I am drawn to this page, gravitated towards it subconsciously. I’ve learned to go with my instincts, so I grab two pieces of paper, a pen, and look pleadingly up to Tab to go through the list. I begin firing questions and writing before she can talk herself or me out of it. We alternate sharing and answering questions. Some seem like simple yoga questions, but many are about life. About self. Some of them make us pause. To truly think. What started out as fun answering questions turned into an afternoon about true connection. Not only connecting with myself, but more importantly with Tab. I get to know her a little more. I get to listen (I admit though I am notorious for firing questions at family and friends, what can I say I’m curious. As I share myself with all (they’re all lessons and building blocks in my growth) here are my answers:

  1. I am practicing yoga because: I love the connection. To release. To find myself. While also letting myself go. To be aware of my body, my thoughts. To Be.
  2. I am happiest when: I remember that I am infinite (a soul with a body). I am full of potential and am an extraordinary being. I am connected to the world and the world is beautiful.
  3. My goal for the next month is: to find balance. To practice and bring this balance to my poses, to my thoughts, to life. To do my best.
  4. My intention for the next year is: to be. To be flexible. To be happy and content. To be loving, compassionate, and kind. To be impeccable. To serve. To get the most of my life experience. To live my potential.
  5. My top two challenge poses are: crescent and eagle.
  6. My most humbling experience on the mat was: when I realized it wasn’t about me. When my ego began to dissolve. That I there to compete or try. That I need to let go.
  7. My fears in life are: existing. Going through the motions. Being who I am supposed to be instead of living as the extraordinary person I was created to be.
  8. I love: life. Myself. Everyone. Nature. I seek love, like I seek beauty, and find it in abundance around me.
  9. What makes me smile instantly is: Uniqueness. I see myself in others but the differences are what make me light up. People being themselves. Catching them doing something ‘right’ rather than thinking that something displeases me. For unconditional acceptance.
  10. My favorite part of my own body is: the whole thing. How it works together to let me push limits. To be healthy. Every fiber and cell makes up the beautiful and perfect me, right now.
  11. My top unique gifts are: believing I am great and capable of anything, and that I have the gift of the written world to share it and inspire others.
  12. My favorite yoga pose is: Crow, because at first I was trying. Comparing myself to others. Fearful. Afraid of falling or looking silly. Doubting myself and my potential. Then I let go, trust and believed in myself like I usually do and I was standing on my arms.
  13. My least favorite yoga pose is: Eagle. I sometimes focus on everything being in place and slip away from just doing my best.

This was a fun practice, and it was so much more than yoga. I think it is important to ask yourself questions. My mother and I were talking about relationships yesterday and part of a successful relationship (besides acceptance) is to know and love yourself. I think of how I used to be and I think now. How much more clarity I have. That I finally accept myself as I am. That I can be confidant. But separating myself for hiking not only lets me connect to nature and refocus, but I can reconnect to myself. My purpose, my thoughts, free from others thoughts. I can ask myself questions. I can dream.


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