Believe in Someone

Pinned ImageThe last couple of months I’ve really focused on self empowerment. In believing in your own greatness. Your own genius. To realize you are extraordinary. To live without boundaries and limitations. This week it really hit me how powerful it is to believe in others along the way and not just yourself.

We picked up my cousin Dane for the first time since Christmas. My uncle informs us how much better Dane has been. His school is improving, he has stopped cursing, he is getting along better with his siblings and step-mom, and even went to church with them. He has new glasses, new eyes. He has a new hair cut. He is on the up.

Although he says he has been changing because we wanted him too, ultimately Dane had to want it himself. He had to choose to act this way. We never told him how to be. We respected him. We encouraged him. We believed him and he began believing in himself.

Again I am taken back to the effect of our words. Watching shows were the contestants rise up in spite of a teacher or a parent telling them they won’t amount to anything. Telling someone they’re not good enough or smart enough or they’re ugly. Who the hell are we to tell people who/how they are and what they can do? What if they start to believe what you say?

Believe in yourself, but encourage the greatness in others. Be a beam of empowerment!


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