Dress for Success

I am a world explorer. I wrote about this last week in my rules to being one, but sometimes it has to go through my mind a couple of times before it instantly clicks.  Today it struck me: I truly am meant to be an explorer. To climb higher. To push further. To surpass limits. To live fearlessly. To be in constant awe and bewilderment. To be curious. To stand atop mountains. To fly higher and live above the clouds. To search the world and find beauty in the everyday. To make each day an occasion and opportunity for adventure. When I am exploring I feel most alive. I feel connected. I feel content. I feel inspired.

As I set off on my walk in the Tecumseh wilderness today, I looked the part of an explorer. We create our own realities right? And we are what we believe? Growing up I have always loved Halloween. Not only to imagine yourself as another character, but to play out another story. To create a new story. The visual image is part of the process to feeling the part. To embody the life you are trying to create. So today I took off in my barefoot shoes with my backpack strapped on and my dog in tow to discover, trek and become an explorer. To create the visual memory of an explorer. Morphing into a Christopher Columbus, a Vasco da Gama. I am ready.


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