Turning Nightmares into Dreams

Rapid heart rate. Heavy, labored breathing. Sweating palms. A terrified look on my face.

I wake from fitfully from a dream, scared. It seemed so real. I believe signs can come at anytime, even in our sleep state when we seem to be unconscious. But like all signs in life, it’s what we do about them and how we react that matters. Do we ignore them as if they’re not real?

Now I’ve let you hanging on what nightmare ripped me from sleep: strolling down a city street with my nephews, Gavin takes off down a hill on a skateboard. Rushing right into oncoming traffic. My heart seems to stop as I’m gripped with utter terror as he shoots across. Not hit by a car, but repelling up onto a high curb to come crashing down. ‘He’s dead,’ rushes through my mind. I run to him, relieved when I discover he’s breathing, but the release is short-lived. As I carry him away he is so broken. So vulnerable, allowing me to hold him as he hasn’t since he was a baby. I too feel shattered with him.

As I wake I gravitate and reach towards my for a hug, overjoyed and thankful that’s she’s there. But I have to see Gavin that day. As I began thinking of 2013, I wanted to create awesome relationships. That while I’m here in Indiana I need to spend more time with my nephews. To be more patient. To play. As I wake, I know it’s a sign I need to start working on this NOW. So I make sure I give my Gavin a visit. That I give him a big hug. Completely grateful for his tiny little butt being there (and as an added bonus I get a hug from my sister who had looked at me as if I needed a psych ward after the last time I’d offered a hug).

Look and be aware of signs. No matter how they come to them. Ignore them and keep going in the same pattern. Take notice and change your world.


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