Challenged Living

045This sign made me pause yesterday on my walk. As I think about creating, about the life I want today, of my expanded dreams, I realize that for me a life worth living is one that is challenging. My greatest memories and moments the last couple of years are the ones which pushed me the most. Which took me out of comfort zones. Which tested me and who I thought (think) I was. Ones that push my physical, emotional, and spiritual limits. Living a challenged life pushes me. To be better. To be fearless. To know no boundaries. To live without limitations. To say yes to life. To live as if I’ve already died (I know this sounds weird, basically not fearing death). To live gratefully. To be in awe.

Standouts like climbing my first mountain standout. Pushing past the discomfort gaining altitude, of my screaming leg muscles. To separating my mind from my body when I was trapped in a hail storm at the top. When I couldn’t feel my extremities. I pushed on. I made it. The toughest tests provide the biggest rewards and most satisfaction. The view as I turned around was humbling and breathtaking. A stunning double rainbow right in front of me. Complete elation, but I had to go beyond discomfort to get there.

Expressing myself. A quiet girl, who was a pro at hiding myself and putting up walls, three years ago I began to open up and bring down the walls. Growing up I only told my mom I loved her. It was safe. It was comfortable. But then I began to love everyone. I had to tell them. Looking someone in the face and telling them I loved them, tested me. It would be easy to just let everyone keep assuming I loved them rather than telling them outright. But then I realized the importance of now and expressing myself in the moment. What if, became my philosophy. Now years later I have no qualms about telling others how I feel, but that first time I told my father I loved him (which I distinctly remember) was uncomfortable. My heart raced, my palms sweated, I was nervous, like my own father wouldn’t accept me and my affection.

Just past your comfort zone are the most rewarding experiences. Where your life is. Challenge yourself in all areas of your life!


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