(Wo)Man in the Mirror

2013-01-11I thought I was done with Deepak’s Spiritual Laws of Superheroes but in writing a post for super health, I realized their was something I’d like to share personally with myself and with you. What I liked was his take on image. Our self-image. When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you love what you see? Do you love the person you see? Are you wishing for something else? What Chopra pointed out is that the image is so much more than the physical image we take a picture of. It is constantly changing. Bones and tissues are being repaired and replaced for example. We are not just what we see in our reflection:

You are all the personal moments and memories of your history that have culminated in the present moment as well as the hopes and dreams you carry forward for who you want to be. By defining yourself by your self-image, the result is a repetition of the same behavior patterns over and over again.

You see you are more than this moment and picture in time. You have to love who you are now. You have to transcend past just living by how you appear. Embody the entire presence and don’t pick yourself apart. Love. Love yourself. Become your truest highest self. Something that can not be defined or held captive in a reflection or picture.


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