BeComing Super

78883430942791932_vcWjIwvV_cSuperheroes are drawn from those universal fields that are the fruit of eon’s worth of human dreams aspirations, fears, and imaginings and they are in constant transformation and evolution.
While Dad and I were in Colorado we got hooked on superheroes. It started with Avengers and spiraled in to individual movies: Thor, Ironman, Captain America and on down the line. It became a fun game to question which superhero we’d be. For me I was victim to Thor. There was some draw towards the demigod (and it was more than just looking at Chris Hemsworths, which was just a bonus). There is a lure to superheroes, just like gods and goddesses from myths past. Why do we admire the super? Because they’re good? Because we look up to them, as fearless saviors of the world? Or are we attracted to some because they have struggled like us.
I have heard of Deepak Chopra before, but this week I delved into my first book of his: Spiritual Laws of Superheros, which he created with his son Gotham. I thought it was genius, a brilliant analogy. What captivated me is that superheroes are like us. A lot of times they live right on the edge, or our driven by a past. What is so super about them is the balance they have. How 257127459946248610_diN5J7lK_cthey let their past and shadows drive them to do good, to be better.
They have a beautiful balance of life and intention. They have a direction set, yet they don’t become so focused on the outcome or the future, that they are not aware of the present. That’s another thing they have is presence. Chopra’s mantra of superheroes:
‘Have a faint intention,’ then ‘let go and flow,’ allowing the universe to handle the details. Obstacles are mere opportunities for creativity. This means not losing sight of the intended outcome, while being comfortable with uncertainty along the way.
We can be superheroes. You can be a superhero. Yes you can have your own unique tight spandex outfit and emblem (kidding). We must believe in ourselves. Believe in our creativity and realize that anytime we are faced with a challenge (which we all are), it is an opportunity to live up to being super and channel our creativity into solving the problem. Sometimes we may teeter or be tempted by our shadows, but we can always change. We can strive again for balance. We can focus on being our truest, highest selves. We are capable of anything!


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