Coming to Terms with the Shadows

Pinned ImageSometimes I have moments. Last week I  had a moment (granted it could have been a little hormone induced). I’m not perfect and I use this blog to explore the positive and inspiring thoughts I have, but I also will explore my challenging thoughts. In that moment I felt doubt. I felt unsure. This ‘old Brittany’, that I like to refer to was telling me things that the inspired me doesn’t believe. The old Brittany who used to exist. Who binged. Who feared. Old habits dangled in my mind. Taunting with me. Now though, I can’t hide anymore. I don’t want to be that Brittany. I go to my mom, a source of power. Brittany like Joyce would say (Joyce Myers is a big inspiration for my parents), the devil is speaking to you. I am pissed that this voice is telling you these things, making you feel this way. Where is your confidence? How are you really? Think about yourself? She’s right. I am extraordinary. I have limitless possibilities. I am full of potential.

While reading Spiritual Laws of Superheroes by Deepak and Gotham Chopra, I realized this was my shadow. We all have shadows. My life is not all rainbows and happiness all the time. Sometimes my shadows challenge me. But even superheroes have shadows. Sometimes (like Batman) they live on the edge of their shadows. Everyone has a shadow. Ignoring the shadow only allows it to grow and build up. But instead of being controlled by the shadow (like I was), we’ve got to be aware of the shadow and utilize it in a creative way or not put ourselves in situations which allow the shadows to consume us. I keep my shadow at bay by doing my best. If I’m not or if I feel like I’m not the shadow will start to creep. I’ve got to channel my creative energy back into activities and thoughts that keep me elevated: hiking, nutrition, working one-on-one, writing, believing in myself.

We all have inner voices, shadows. Use them creatively. Don’t let them control you.


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