Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Sometimes you’ve got to let your hair down. You’ve got to go out with the girls. You’ve got to dance. Express yourself. Laugh. smile. To feel connected to the world and those around you. To feel the oneness of the human experience. To encounter and be in awe of more of life’s uniqueness and beauty. To celebrate. To be joyful. To be happy. To have fun. To be lost in a song. A performance. A moment. To get caught up in feeling. In a beat. To have friends who you can share these times with, but also who you can sit back with on the way home and discuss serious life issues you.

Thank you to my friends for letting me be apart of their night out. For sharing those minutes. Those moments. For their presence in all these life enriching memories (and for Ikes and Jonsises, a kick ass bar, with killer dj’s, amazing people, and overflowing fun that you can enjoy completely sober)! For friends who’ve stayed long after the real party phase ended, who know everything about you, who don’t judge, but love you uncdontionally.


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