Forever Young

I love children. I love my nephews. They make the big bad world and it’s ‘problems’ disintegrate. They transport me to my own inner child. The real me. The true me. The one who doesn’t judge. Nor worry about being judged. Who loves easily. Who’s curious. Who explores. Who isn’t afraid to be themselves. Who isn’t afraid to BE, period. Who has fun. Who is fun. Who laughs effortlessly and wholeheartedly. Who is unafraid.

One of the things I enjoy most about Mark Sisson and his Primal Blueprint is his emphasis on play. Recommending that we play more in life for over all health. At first I thought…huh. Then I thought: brilliant. I read about stress (and cortisol) and believe that stress can be a killer. We’re so worried about being an adults (although I’m still trying to figure out what that means). About finances and schedules. Hell we stress about stressing! Why when we reach a certain age do we need to start acting our age? I call bullshit. Give the being trueness of a child.

Snow on the ground in Indiana means my mom and I are the first ones on sleds laughing incessantly down the hill. Carefree, honest fun. Not a care in the world for the few seconds it takes to fly down the hill with a sled full. We’re not worried about what we look like. We’re not worried about what others are thinking of two grown woman stealing innocent children’s sled. Just being present. Embracing and loving the moment. Loving life. Our life, which we can fill with fun, laughter, and play. Where we can work hard and face challenges, but where we don’t less stress kill us. Or where we get wrapped up being who we’re supposed to be, but we can become our best truest self.

Let Loose and be a kid sometimes!


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