Peaceful Partings

The Holidays are over. We’ve spent time with the family, with our dear friends and the people closest to us. But then we have to part ways. In saying see ya later to my father yesterday, I realized there is an art to saying good-bye. That there are certain thoughts and presence required. I’ve always felt from a young age (maybe partly because of our car accident when I was a child) that is important to not leave on a bad note. No matter how rip-roaring the fight. No matter how heated or angry I felt I would not leave like this. Sometimes I may walk out, but I’d return steadfastly. Sometimes to say I’m sorry. Sometimes to say I love you, but always to move forward. Because in the grand scheme of life what is so offensive or so terrible that we hold a grunge. That we deny ourselves the joy of someone’s company? What if this is my last memory with this person? What if something happens to them? Will this be relevent? Especially after my grandpa’s accident I realized you don’t know. You can’t predict your own lifeline and destiny.

So as I part ways, I think what if this is the last time I see them? What would I want said? Do I worry that always saying I love you becomes redundant? No, not if each time I mean it. Each time it is new. I don’t think that they drive me crazy. I instill feelings of gratitude. How thankful am I to have had this time with them? I love them. I love them as they are, for who they are.

I don’t have regrets or look back at instances in my life with embarrassment. All experiences have brought me to today. Who I am now. To the present, where I can change. Where I can be better than I was. Where I am surrounded by opportunities. Living in the now, in feeling and embracing the moment, in focusing on the parting, of my life experience there definitely will be no regret because every last moment will be a good moment. There is no fear. No angst. No bitterness. Life moves on. We move on. We make the most of each occasion. Each experience. Each good-bye.


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