Reality Check

Pinned ImageReality shows dominate television air time in today’s world. I confess. I watch reality shows. But what is reality? The truth is we create our own. It is a result of our own individual thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions. No two realities are the same. No matter how much we try to ‘fit in.’ No matter if we follow the ‘rules.’ No matter how much we try to emulate the lives of those who have it all (or what we want), our realities our own unique realities. In lure of my creative spurt and in the spirit of new beginnings, in 2013 I’d like to change my approach to this blog.

It will serve as my forum for my own reality show. A raw honest look into the process of creating the life of my dreams. Of the moment. The good, the bad, 100% real me and my life. Now in 2013 I am dedicated to living an extraordinary life, in which I believe in my own greatness. A challenged life, where I strive to push out of comfort zones, to push myself mentally and physically, to face the character of myself. To become my truest self. To be impeccable. To do my best. To give 100% to this new chapter.

Stay tuned and take control of your own show, of your own reality!


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