Gifting: Adventurers Club for Dreams come True

Christmas Gifts under the Tree WallpaperGift Giving Happening RIGHT NOW! December and the holidays are a great time for sharing and extending yourself unto others. This special present was something shared with me by my radically inspired cousin (third if you want to be technical, mom gets the honor of actual titledom) Beth. Upon meeting last night for the first time which I can actually remember, we immediately had a connection. Aspirations to live an extraordinary life with intention and a special fondness to Dr Dyer (notably his Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life, which like the title really changed our lives). This morning she sent me a link to TUT Adventurers Club. Instantly the term ‘adventerer’ sparks my attention barometer. After signing up, I am promised to receive daily bits of inspiration. Encouragement, reminding me/letting me know how rad I am. That I am capable of anything with the right thoughts:

Thoughts Become Things

So pick the right thoughts and make your dreams your life. Beings of light, gladiators of the Universe, this community is right up my alley. Surround yourself with this. With this radiating positivity. With a community and individuals vibrating equally to you. Sign-up and pass it along for daily inspiration.

Right thoughts= Dream Life…..GO!


One thought on “Gifting: Adventurers Club for Dreams come True

  1. 😀
    Hugs! I had a “feeling” you would enjoy being a fellow adventurer. I am so excited to see what lies ahead for us. YAY! So fun connecting with you in person last night. I LOVE my life!

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