Just Press Play

In the midst of serious thought, in constant life consumption, you need to hit a life pause button and pound the record play button. Play a tune. Let it fill you. Let it extend and radiate through and from you. Let it out. DANCE. Express yourself. SING. Perform. Be silly. Share it with others. Laugh at yourself. Lose yourself. Be apart of the holiday spirit. Be aware of your surrounding. Of the surrounding joy. The comfort of familiarity. Of love. Of family. Of friends. Of giving. Of time. Of giving time. Of being present in the moment. In only feeling right NOW. Have fun and BE with the ones you’re with at this time. 

Note: I am going to get in serious trouble for posting this video and it may not be nearly as entertaining to outsiders as it is to us, but these are the life moments I value most. Time with my family, spent being carefree. In all honesty my mom should be proud for putting it all out there! Also note we are completely sober here, we are just that awesome.


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